This is just a place I can be to escape from the pressures of reality. Anybody that has a carefree blog of just living a simple life, I'd love to see it! I'm trying to find out how I'm going to live my life in the future. Currently it seems like it will be very laid back.

If you fight like a married couple, talk like best friends, flirt like lovers, and protect each other like siblings, then you were meant to be.

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Love is putting someone else’s needs before yours.

Biggest twist ever!!

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AU. Anna tells her friend Hans that she’s in love with a guy she recently met. Hans doubted that, so he tests her knowledge about him.

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"Love is…putting someone else’s needs before yours, like, you know, how Kristoff brought you back here to Hans and left you forever.” 

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No! Why? Why do you shut me out? Why do you shut the world out? What are you so afraid of?

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